KR Day Minus 10

March 18, 2011

Regularly Irregular

After much tests comparison and attention to detail the decision today was that the recent irregular EKG is not inconsistent with past EKG results. Dr. A went back in my chart to 1995 to look at past tests including results of treadmills and MRIs. In his opinion I’m good to go for the planned surgery date. I’ll sleep more restfully tonight.

He also said he would talk to Dr. Muffly about my C. difficile history and our concerns about antibiotics and hospitalization.

A new inhaler was prescribed to continue warding off bronchial congestion.

After spending nearly an hour with Dr. A I’m reminded how fortunate we are to have such a positive relationship with a dedicated physician. He truly listens. I told him today that he can’t retire until after I die. And, I’m not planning on exiting for a good many years yet.

KR Day Minus 11

March 17, 2011

“Nancy, have you ever had a heart attack?”

After a couple of days without focusing on the upcoming knee replacement today brought a new concern. My surgeon called with news that the Monday EKG shows heart damage similar to a past heart attack. Although I’ve known of a heart murmur since I was five years old I’m unaware of any infraction. The surgeon said he would talk with my primary physician before my appointment for the medical clearance tomorrow.

My stamina hasn’t been up to par the last few months but I’ve attributed that to the consistent knee pain and the extra effort required for mobility. Climbing a flight of stairs has been no fun at all.

Hopefully, when compared to my previous EKGs this one isn’t that different or there’s a simple explanation such as misplaced leads. Should be an interesting Dr. A appointment tomorrow. I have complete faith that he’ll take the proper precautions before approving the surgery. Let there be no misunderstanding, I want nothing to interfere the the schedule date and time. I’m ready to get this completed.


KR Day Minus 14

March 14, 2011

I’m now two weeks away from total Knee Replacement surgery. The morning was spent at Swedish Medical Center going through the pre-op procedures including writing the first check – but, I’m sure not the last. Tests included blood work, nose swab to detect MRSA and EKG which was irregular. After three tries it was determined to send the results to my primary physician to compare to previous results. I certainly hope this does not complicate proceeding with the surgery as planned.

I’m impressed with the hospital’s efforts to prepare patients for successful surgery. A great deal of information is shared as to what to expect, pre-op instructions and time frames. Completing the paperwork and insurance info before the big day is a relief.

I’ve stepped up the home exercises to have the leg as strong as possible for the rehab. Water therapy continues to offer relief. I’ve become so addicted to the Arthritis Aqua classes I’m worrying about how long I’ll have to stay out of the pool. Hope the incision heals quickly.

Can’t say I’m looking forward but I am eager to getting the surgery behind me and to be working on the physical therapy.