Priorities–Making Time

November 13, 2010

A year ago I would have sworn that life was too complicated to find time for a daily exercise routine. Since my knee issues created the need for regular water therapy priorities have changed. Between rehabbing from meniscus surgery and trying to avoid knee replacement I’ve committed to doing all I could through exercise. Fortunately nothing in my life stands in the way of that commitment.

Bob has been completely supportive and has even joined the effort. More than half the time he joins me in classes and personal workouts. The reward is that at his annual physical his triglycerides were better than they had been for years. He’s also more flexible and walking a bit straighter. Aches and pains still remind him of age but they seem more tolerable and manageable.

Currently one of our first conversation points each day is when are we going to the Buck Center. We compare our schedules for the day and commit to a specific class or time for exercise either together or singularly. This new habit was not only necessary but rewarding.

Making time has become the priority!

Today’s effort – 65 minutes of water exercise – all the elements of the routine Mandy laid out and many of the Arthritis Aqua+ exercises. Plus, 7 minutes in the jetted pool.

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