Five Months – Oh Joy!

April 8, 2010

I had a meeting this morning with the bookkeeping firm the DWPC has recently hired. While looking at dates later this month I mentioned my surgery. Nanci, the owner, said she had meniscus surgery several years ago. Her report was not heartwarming. It was planned as arthroscopic but they ended up having to completely open. I’ve already recognized that this is always a possibility.

Her second comment was more disconcerting. She had to wear a brace from thigh to ankle for FIVE months. I think my eyes got real big. That’s the second person who’s mention a time period of five months. Not that one is out of circulation that long just that it’s a pain and inconvenience. I’m simply not going to plan on five months. I’ll give it the two the doctor made me commit to and then hit the road.

Nanci with an I said she tore hers playing indoor soccer. Nancy with a Y has got to come up with a better story than cleaning a closet.

Moving On – Mentally

April 7, 2010

Before taking Vicki to dialysis this morning I told her about my travel restrictions after surgery, that we wouldn’t be able to make the trip to Travis’ graduation. I finally broke down and had a few tears. After comforting hugs from the depths of valued friendship I was mentally ready to move forward.

By evening I was in full gear of devising ways to compensate for the two month travel hiatus. The self pity party is over.

Torn Meniscus Reality

April 6, 2010

I’m indulging in a pity party at the moment. Depressed, mad as hell and pissed off. After my appointment with Dr. James Muffly, orthopaedic surgeon this afternoon full reality has set in.

Surgery is scheduled for April 21 – just two weeks away. But the really bad news is that if I want it to be a success the edict is no travel for TWO months. That is like a prison sentence to me. From my reaction he very seriously asked me, “Can you do this?” Certainly not happily. There goes Arizona, Santa Fe, the Midwest for Travis’ graduation and Spokane for Jasmine’s birthday – plenty of reason for the emotions.

I’d like to sit down and cry but surely a 66-year-old woman should be able to cope with reality when she knows things could be must worse.

The other piece of that reality is that there is also age related deterioration, arthritis and a bone spur involved. The realities of a 66-year-old woman. He emphasized that surgery will not eliminate all of the pain, just the torn meniscus issue.

He gave me two other options, cortisone shots in the knee that would not solve the problem but have a 20% chance of reducing the discomfort – temporarily. Or, do nothing and limit my lifestyle. He said that if I ever wanted to stand two hours in a museum again surgery is the only option.

April 21st is on the calendar.