Elderly Psychosis

June 30, 2009

This morning when Judy talked to Mother she was no longer the sweet, adorable little old lady but confused and angry. All the people at the care facility were devils and she said in the morning she was going to call the police and have them all arrested. She repeated several times that she just wanted to die and promised she wasn’t going to wake up in the morning. It was 10:30 am in Florida and she was in a wheelchair but in her mind it was the middle of the night.

Last week, while she was in the hospital, at 2pm she was complaining that it was the middle of the night and they had just woken her up to eat a gallon of ice cream. Of course, in her world it’s always dark so one can understand that confusion. I can’t imagine not being able to have enough sight to distinguish light and dark.

Judy feels terrible after such a phone call, it’s hard to not want to fix the situation. The reality that some things can’t be fixed is difficult to grapple with no matter how many times we remind one another, “We can’t fix everything.” Or, our more recently adopted motto, “We can’t fix nothing.”

Called brother Bill to give him an update and find out what the doctor said yesterday afternoon. He sounded more chipper than he has lately. Has another test tomorrow, if they don’t identify either c-diff or colitis they will send him to a surgeon.

I returned a call to Ingrid from Courtyard Gardens admissions office. We are to see her on Friday morning to sign papers and give copies of Mother’s insurance cards.

We’ve had lots of stumbles and issues with my mother lately. Her health and mental abilities seem to be going downhill rapidly. She has to be on at least life 17 by now.

In the coming days I want to use this blog to track issues, needs, possible solutions, and hopefully successes along our eldercare journey. Just keeping track of communications can be important in the future.

Today – June 29, 2009

  • I had at least a half dozen conversations with sister Judy about our plans to go to Florida and what we need to do while we’re there.
  • Made flight and rental car reservations for July 2 – July 14. Boy will we be ready to come home.
  • Called Dr. Harpalani’s office to set up an appointment to meet with him. He’ll see us Friday, will call Thursday to give us a time.
  • Talked with brother Bill to give him a Mother update and let him know what we plan to attempt to accomplish while we’re there. As an aside, he had a CAT scan this morning and Dr. appt. this afternoon. He does not sound strong.
  • Social worker from Courtyard Gardens called. She had seen Mother and given her some basic cognitive tests. Mary Hill-Miller thinks Evelyn is a very sweet old lady. Mother knew what year and month it was, could spell “world” backwards (you try it, not a snap), and thought she was in Colorado or Juno Beach. She told Mary she had three children, Judy, Nancy and a son who’s getting married soon. Also that she was a widow and previously worked in a library. All true except for location.
  • Mary indicated that Evelyn is receiving daily physical therapy and the goal is to get her back to a state where she can return to Morning Star.
  • We need to meet with admissions on Friday to sign papers.
  • We are to meet with social worker Mary on Monday, bringing along a Power of Attorney and Living Will.
  • I called back to check about Mother getting a haircut tomorrow and her room number.
  • Jerry Hopkins was visiting Mother when Mary saw her.