A Big Tumble

February 15, 2009

What is it with this family?

Called brother Bill this morning to let him know about Mother’s hospitalization. He told me about falling down the staircase a week ago.

The first time we went to see their new abode – even before they moved in – we stepped in the front door and I had an immediate vision of Bill laying in a heap on the stairway landing. My second thought was, “Who in their right mind buys a three level house when they’re in their seventies and one of them is blind?”

Bill reports he was knocked unconscious, the cuts are healing but the bruises are still pretty bad. I expect they are!


February 15, 2009

The morning reports from Jupiter are looking up. Mary Kay paid a visit to the hospital this morning. The swelling in Mother’s left leg is down – 80% by her estimation. Mother had been a bit combative with the staff until Mary Kay explained to the nurse how to approach Mother, tell her ahead of time what you’re going to do and demonstrated to the nurse that Evelyn isn’t incoherent.

Mary Kay has her head, heart and mind full of problems. We’re so thankful she is there for Evelyn – and for us. I wish there were a way to ease her burdens.

Judy just talked to Mother and told her to stay out of trouble. Mother’s response was, “You can’t get in too much trouble just laying here in bed.” She’s not terribly happy about being confined to bed. For several years, every time Mother’s been in the hospital she repeatedly remarks, “For what they charge I don’t know why they can’t buy more comfortable beds.”

Long Distance Care & Concern

February 14, 2009

It’s been a while since we’ve had the dreaded phone call from Mary Kay that Mother has a serious health issue. Judy got the initial call this morning, Mother’s left leg is severely swollen. Of course, Dr. Harpalani is not available this weekend.

A hour or so later I get the second call. Mary Kay is bouncing like a ping pong ball – mad at the doctor, no return call from the on-call doctor, taking two calls about her house that is on the market, wanting me to change Mother’s doctor, explaining why she’s currently taking “the ladies” to get their hair done because she couldn’t yesterday. I’m afraid I was on the verge of totally losing it while trying to get her focused on what we needed to do for Evelyn.

My efforts to get Dr. Ozer to return Mary Kay’s call, a venting call with Judy and a more focused call from Mary Kay ends with the decision to call an ambulance to take Mother to Jupiter Hospital ER.

As the day ends Mother is admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombophelbitis) in the lower left leg. What everyone seems most concerned about is whether there’s a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order. I feel like we’re not only stumbling but tumbling through life.